Artist Terrence Howell

ARTWORK FINE CRAFT: Box Lamps Xylophones Kitchenware Spin Tops

Like many Newfoundlanders, I was born and raised minutes from the water, barrens, and woods in a small fishing out-port.  The stoic land and hungry ocean have given me the benefit of a sacred place.  This environment has fed and nurtured the procedure of my thoughts and practices.  It has cried its own unspoken verses that have left me humbled and rumbling from the inside with quiet appreciation.

My image making process is less driven by personal style.  It thrives on The Idea. I try to direct my process away from any long-stayed method or medium when needed and try to be respectful of the potential for new exploration and experimentation.  My goal is to make work that not only engages aesthetically, but addresses the human response from a social, cultural and anthropological footing, while inciting discourse as it is consumed by the viewer.  Whether themes are disastrous or beautiful, I find myself called to pay attention.

While living in south Louisiana in a small rural town southwest of New Orleans, my work was primarily focused on issues of land loss, erosion and saltwater intrusion.  It is here that the effects on marsh and culture can be seen first hand and supported by the accounts of community members of what once was.  The result of living and learning about this area for a period of four years was the body of work, “A Silent Witness.”  “A Silent Witness” was exhibited at multiple community and art centers in Louisiana.  This work and the experience of living in and around communities that may or may not exist in the near future had a profound affect on me both mentally and spiritually.

In 2009, my family and I moved to Grates Cove and began our quest to establish and art-based business in rural Newfoundland.  I continued to produce individual pieces of mixed-media artwork, but also used woodworking, design and photography as an opportunity to rest from all that I had learned and seen in south Louisiana.  Creating fine craft and design pieces and photographing my new surroundings are also an opportunity for me to come to know my home again, how it is changing and where it is headed.  This coming year, I will complete a new body of work “Rock and Hard Places.”   “Rock and Hard Places” will be a mixed-media body of work that uses the traditional Newfoundland rock wall gardens of Grates Cove and various “models” of reality to explore the struggles one encounters with change and human growth.

My artwork is represented at the Christina Parker Gallery in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  My fine craft and design pieces are available through the Grates Cove Studios gallery.